Mold Remediation

Since every Mold Situation can be different, the remediation work requires highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians. Our goal with Mold Remediation is to make the affected area a healthy living environment again and protect any unaffected areas or rooms from cross contamination. This is accomplished by using the proper equipment and procedures necessary for any given situation. We have the experience to handle any size mold remediation project for a home or building. For any mold damage project call us today for a free quote on mold remediation.


The containment of mold spores from entering unaffected areas during mold removal is handled several ways. First the affected area is sealed off with plastic barriers. Secondly the air within the affected area is kept within the sealed off zone to prevent cross contamination of unaffected in the building. This is accomplished by running negative air & air scrubbing equipment in the work zone during the mold remediation process.

Mold Removal

Physical mold is wiped clean from surfaces and airborne spores are trapped in the air scrubbing filters or exhausted outdoors. Some materials with mold damage require scrubbing or sanding to remove the physical mold. Our professional crews will determine if structural material is salvageable and if not discard the materials.

Disinfecting & Cleaning

After all physical mold and mold damaged materials are removed from the work zone cleaning and disinfecting can begin. The Crew will disinfect all surfaces and contents within the work area to remove any excess mold spores that remain after the mold removal.