"BiocleanO2" Certification

A Comprehensive Inspection of Air Quality, Surface Cleanliness & Water Quality within a Home or Commercial Building. This inspection will identify Problems within the structure that are causing an Unhealthy Environment. We also Identify potential problems and recommend Preventative Actions. This Program will give you "Peace of Mind", knowing that important systems and conditions within the Home or Business are being inspected by Certified Professionals. Also included is a Certificate of Completion and Sticker to Display at your Home or place of Business.

Scope of Inspection

Area to Inspect: Type of Inspection:
Moisture Visual Inspection
Mold Visual Inspection /Sample Test
Conditions Conducive to Moisture & Mold Visual Inspection
Air Quality Visual Inspection/Sample Test
Carbon Monoxide Test
Pest, Insect or Rodent Intrusion Visual Inspection
Water Testing Sample Test
Surface Areas: Ceiling, Floors & Walls Visual Inspection/Dry Sponge/Swab Sample Test (If applicable)